Promote Your Brand With EV SSL Certificate !

EV SSL is an SSL certificate with a green bar feature that provides high protection and prestige. When you purchase EV SSL, your company’s official name and title will appear in the browser address bar. It also has a strong guarantee against high data loss due to SSL certificate.

Gain the Trust of your Customers with EV SSL !

EV SSL, Green Address Bar feature of your company’s name and title in the address bar to appear. Green Address Bar feature to increase the sense of trust of visitors to your site. This increases the time your visitors stay on the site.
EV SSL certificates also maximize your security level with strong encryption.

Increase Conversions with Green Bar

Increase the trust of users who visit your website, allowing you to spend more time on your site. In this way, visitors to your site can convert customers. With EV SSL you can improve not only your site security but also conversions.

Rise in Google Organic Searches

Organic searches are the most important source of traffic for all websites. By switching to HTTPS with EV SSL certificate, you can increase your ranking in organic search results and take a step ahead of your competitors.

Advantages of EV SSL Certificate

Green Bar

EV SSL certificate, green bar feature and the name and title of your company is shown in the address bar in the green bar. This feature enhances the sense of trust of your visitors.

Strong Encryption

It provides a high level of data security especially for corporate websites and e-commerce sites with online payment systems with 256 Bit encryption.

High Warranty

EV SSL has a High Guarantee fee determined by the manufacturer in case of a security problem arising from its certificate.